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The mission of Associated Independent Dramatic Artists (AIDA) is to:
*  Facilitate the development and production of works in
    the field of dramatic arts within the Greater Cincinnati
    area, and beyond
*  Facilitate the development of local dramatic artists and
*  Generate diversity and vitality through the promotion
    of independent dramatic arts productions
*  Provide established and establishing production
    organizations with a vital and convenient source of
*  Broaden availability and appreciation of dramatic arts
    diversity and vitality within the arts field
*  Create, develop and foster the proliferation of
    democratic business structures


AIDA serves individuals and groups of dramatic artists and craftspeople in producing works in the dramatic arts.


*  Provides opportunities for dramatic artists and
    craftspeople to develop and  exlore talents
*  Assists in the development and production of
    innovative and diverse works in the dramatic arts that

*  Deepens understanding and appreciation of the
    dramatic arts among people within the Greater
    Cincinnati area, and beyond
*  Generates community involvement in the dramatic arts
    through professional-based, community-based,
    college-based, high school-based, grade school-based, 

    industrial-based, and other-based modes of production
*  Extends involvement in dramatic arts productions
    throughout neighboring cities and states, and beyond


A.I.D.A. is a democratic, non-hierarchical organization that seeks to promote excellence, innovation and diversity in the dramatic arts through the equalization of the decision-making power of its voting professional members.  Voting Membership is open to anyone 18 years old or older interested in the development of the dramatic arts within the Greater Cincinnati Area, and beyond.

* All submitted production proposals will be treated in a facilitative manner.  Production proposals are developed by producers in conjunction with the Project Facilitation Committee.  The PFC also reviews and assesses the proposals, determining their strengths and weaknesses, and recommending how the proposals can best be developed for production.  Recommendations could range from specific schooling to dispensing the funds necessary for production.  Committee recommendations can be overridden by the project production body if certain pre-determined criteria are met.  These criteria are determined democratically by the Voting Members.  This is to insure that the Project Facilitation Committee acts facilitatively and not authoritatively. 

*  The non-hierarchical organizational structure is designed to:       
        - maximize the power of each individual
        - maximize the initiative of each individual
        - maximize the self-determination of each individual
        - minimize the power of any single individual or
           group of

        - minimize the tendency to let others do the thinking
        - minimize conformity to anyone's values other than

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