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Every member of the Association (excluding children) has to fulfill a recruitment requirement.  All members have to recruit at least three (3) Patron Members (theater-goers).  Think of this as a huge sales force.  It is not...I repeat NOT a pyramid scheme.  No money will be earned through members' recruiting efforts...I repeat NONE, ZILCH.  All Patron Member Fees will go directly to the Association Origination Committee and be deposited into a secure bank account not to be touched until the Association is fully formed and commencement has been authorized.  The Association web site can be used for recruiting members either directly through word-of-mouth or indirectly through Professional Members. 


Recruitment of Patron Members constitutes the bulk of funding for the Association.  No Patrons Members, no Association, no plays.  Everyone has to do their part.  Professional Members would have to think of three people who might want to see up the 30 plays a year for $100 and sell them on the idea either by informing them of the Association (if they feel confident enough to do so) or refer them to the website for more information.


Anyone interested in becoming a Patron Member should click on the "Introduction" link and fill out the form at the bottom.  Email numbers will be continuously collected.  No fee payment will be required at this time.  We just want to know who's interested.

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