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What God Has Joined...a comedy exposing the foibles of the modern-day institution of marriage through the inter-relationhships between three blood-related family members.


Original, funny, caustic, hits close to home...


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The 20th Quarter-Annual Horse Contest...two friends in the 80's engage in a male bonding ritual of playing a basketball game called HORSE in their own peculiar style, but land up learning more about themselves than either imagined.


Very original, funny, even if basketball is not your thing, this should resonate.


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The Investment...Three company presidents in the 50's conspire to go beyond their comfort levels and make an illegal investment only to self-destruct before their very eyes.


The Marx Brothers in business...with an edge. Very original.


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Solitary God... A recently divorced woman tries to become the person she really is in the wake of an abusive marriage. 


A very original, hard-hitting dramatic comedy.


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A Woman of Means...Hampton, a philanderer, has always wanted to marry a "woman of means", but he only succeeds in destroying his life.


...a unique manifestation of the insidious self-destructiveness of self-delusion.


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Dead Cowboys...meet the Kleckner's...a dark comedy about murder, gambling, illicit sex and the transformational capacity of the American nuclear family.


...a satire and farce wrapped into one.


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No Tomorrow...three friends engage in an "enthusiastic discussion" about lies and deception in romantic relationships in their struggle to gain some honesty in their lives...honesty between themselves and others and within themselves.


 ...an onslaught in three segments...original, funny, touching.


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Joe Dick, P. I. : The Perfect Crime...a serio-comedy about a hard drinking, nightmare-prone private investigator who engages in the most bizarre case in his career:  to witness a client's death at the hands of her husband.


...a cat and mouse detective story leading to a shocking conclusion.


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Head and Hands...based on a true story of murder and dismemberment in the 30's...national headlines that has worked its way into regional folklore in the greater Cincinnati tri-state area of the country.


...Fargo meets Psycho at a Swing Fest...


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Sex in the Library...Hale, a "graduate student", meets Boz, a graduate student, in the library, but studying is the last thing he has on his mind.


...graduate school has never been so sinister..


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Ibsen on Crack...Henrik Ibsen is having trouble writing this play.  Some of his characters fear him, some ignore him, and some want to overthrow him.


Original, hilarious....Ibsen is rolling over in his grave.


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Crime, Criminals and Comedy...a collection of three plays by G. Michael Blahnik.


The Investment, Head and Hands, and Dead Cowboys


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The World of Men...a collection of three plays by G. Michael Blahnik.


The 20th Quarter-Annual Horse Contest, No Tomorrow, and Sex in the Library


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Marriage & Family 101...a collection of three plays by G. Michael Blahnik.


What God Has Joined, A Woman of Means, and Solitary God


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